The B. O. Loop – that’s County B and County O

by Angie Wright

September 18, 2009

I’ve been involved with the Cycle Southwest Wisconsin project for almost two years and in early September I finally rode my first loop from the map. I’m not a hard-core cyclist; I’m a mom with two young boys who can rarely find more than a few hours in her week to ride her bike. My wonderful husband got me a new bike for Mother’s Day. A shiny new Trek WSD 1.5. She’s beautiful – light and fast. My goal for the summer was to ride 500 miles. I missed it by a long shot; but I did ride about 30 miles a week throughout the summer (usually two 10-20 mile rides).

Now on to my adventure – the B. O. Loop – that’s County B and County O. A few years ago if someone would have said, “Hey, let’s bike to Potosi today” I would have thought they were crazy. But on a Sunday in early September, that’s just what my friend and fellow cycling mom did and I said, “Sure, let’s give it a shot.” I kissed my boys and sent them upstairs with their Dad for books and a nap and I got on my bike and headed out of Platteville on County B with my friend. County B is smooth. Just out of Platteville we had a nice long downhill stretch, followed by a climb, and then another climb, and then another climb as we headed into Potosi/Tennyson. We hit the half way point right around the Potosi School, then headed on down Hwy 61 to County O. What a beautiful road – dappled shade, fields and farms, hills and forests – mostly uphill again, but gentler and less steep. A few miles down County O there is a wonderful, long downhill stretch, unfortunately we were stuck behind a slow moving tractor for the first third of it, but luckily we were able to pass and enjoy flying down the rest. I think I hit 28 miles an hour. We came back into Platteville on Southwest Road, our tired legs conquering the brutal hill by the UW-Platteville stadium before delivering us back to our homes. What a great ride – just over 30 miles in two hours and fifteen minutes. Maybe I’ll do it again before the snow flies.

Next summer I’d like to tackle a few more loops. The new car rack we just purchased will make that easier. Next summer I’ll make my 500 mile goal. Happy cycling!


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